Thursday, December 4, 2014

Furbee and Sophie in snuggle-zone modes

Mr. Furball's hair is relatively short so he has to make extra effort to cuddle himself into a comfortable snuggle-zone, and that spot is sometimes located in the spot Papa likes to occupy. If one were to take things at face-value - an incorrect conclusion might be drawn - that Furbee wants to be alone; he doesn't. Cuddling up into Papa's snuggle-zone is a great way for Furbee to communicate that he wants love, and he gets it every time!
Another cute and wonderful aspect of Furbee's personality is that he sticks his tongue out of his mouth as he sleeps, and it stays stuck out when he wakes up from his naps (as shown above).

Sophie likes to baste in the Sun's rays early in the morning, but during Wintertime - overcast prevents that from happening - so she quietly hops out of bed and lays her furry body under the warmth of the 1000-watt High Pressure Sodium lamp keeping Mama's indoor, organic, vegetable garden growing.

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