Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Going On Here?

This fast animated sequence of images shows Sophie (aka: Cho-Cho, baby girl, etc.) on the left side of the screen jumping from the foreground where Papa was shooting pictures onto the wood deck in the background to search for squirrels in the backyard behind the hot tub. Meanwhile, Furbee comes forward to find out what Papa's shooting pictures of and when he realizes he's the only thing happening and there aren't any yum-yums - he goes back behind the hot tub to find out what Sophie's looking at. It's funny to watch our shih-tzus experience emotions of curiosity and jealousy because young children behave similarly and they are our children.

When these shih-tzus lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, the heat was so extreme they would cry because the asphalt would burn their little paws and they would walk around the neighborhood mostly in shaded areas where the sunlight was indirect and the heat was less extreme.; however, since moving to La Pine, Oregon, the shih-tzus have enjoyed the outdoors by going on hikes at La Pine State Park, enjoying the cool breeze along the Little Deschutes River, going bye-bye more often, spending time outside waiting to pounce on squirrels, and of course, hanging around Mama and Papa for yum-yums.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waiting for kitchen favors

The kids are familiar with what happens in the kitchen near the cutting board and the stove. Daughter's expectations are exuded in her body-language. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to believe that modern-day shih-tzu's have evolved and survived by using features perceived by their caregivers as worthy of perpetuating. Breeding creates opportunity for valued traits and characteristics to be carried-on to future generations of these lap-loving scavengers - so it's likely that past hosts of the shih-tzu breed also experienced this overwhelming wave, no, tsunami of cuteness and love. There is a saying that great things come in small packages and people who say that are usually jewelry salesmen, but the truth is that jewelry isn't anywhere near as cute or interactive as these smart little palace-protectors. This perspective from behind shows that unlike your stereotypical shih-tzu - it's okay to groom their hair short so that it's functional for them and easy to maintain. Lucky for Sophie, this means her underside is not as much of a floor-mop and harvester of filth.

After the kitchen episode, she follows the plates of food right to the bed - under your nose. Keep your vision focused onto your food because she may misinterpret food hanging over the edge of your plate for something that was offered to her at eye-level for her princess-highness' convenience. Sophie uses all the cute moves she has; the last being a vocal demand with two-step (both front paws dancing on the ground) 'intimidation'. The whole show any animal puts on can be defined in the word, survival. Shih-tzu's had to be cute to survive and that's why their breed has evolved and survived through today and what a beautiful blessing it is; like heaven on Earth. With this great power to have your life transformed comes mutual responsibility to unconditionally love, heal and protect these members of your family; that means informing yourself on finding the best solutions to congenital health problems, handling unexpected surprises while traveling in rural terrain, etc. Failing to plan is planning to fail so plan in advance to protect your pets.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Doggy-door vantage-point squirrel-patrol

Ever since the doggy door was installed, Sophie has been on non-stop squirrel patrol. She keeps her body inside when the yum-yums are nearby and she doesn't want to miss an opportunity for either treats or the chance to chase squirrels into the neighbors' yards.

When the doggy door isn't in-place and it's been a while since Sophie's been out, she will shoot out the door and spin in a circle or two or three before bolting off to hunt squirrels. For the record, Sophie has never actually caught a squirrel; however, she loves how fast they run from her when she chases them. Her favorite time to play with the squirrels is when she sneaks up on them and catches their attention by surprise.

One aspect about Sophie that's really cute is she doesn't seem to know how to use her neck to look up because once the squirrels shoot up the trees; she loses them from her sight and she proceeds to run around the trunks and everywhere except for where the squirrels are. The caveat is that Sophie wears the largest, happiest smile in the world when it's happening and for a good while after it's all over...and anytime we say the word SQUIRREL!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It sleeps with us!

Not everyone feels comfortable letting their dogs sleep with them, but when you have this cute little face beside you making sounds on the pillow - how can anyone in their right mind refuse?

Sophie is such a beautiful little girl that she makes getting out of bed hard to desire. Sometimes waking up from a beautiful dream can be a challenge, but waking up with this little girl beside you is like waking up in heaven.

She snuggles up right against you and makes 'breathing' noises that sometimes consist of chop-licking and clicking sounds. There are other times when a sound in another room (someone making noise that hasn't gone to bed with the pack yet) will set Sophie off in a roaring 'R'-sound. What monster wouldn't be afraid of being 'cuted' to death? This little girl isn't afraid to represent and protect her home - even if it means being cute more than any living thing can handle.

Usually the noises she makes when she's sleeping - it's caused by her illusions of chasing squirrels. If you just mention the word 'squirrel' to Sophie - whether you're near a window with a view outside the house or driving along the highway - she looks up and around the ceiling where she knows squirrels hang-out. She can't wait to catch herself a squirrel someday.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Squirrel Patrol

Sophie loves staring out the window to look for squirrels and they're the first friends she looks for when she goes outside. Sophie would trek 3 miles in the snow without snow-boots if it meant there was a squirrel at the end of the trail.