Saturday, January 23, 2010

It sleeps with us!

Not everyone feels comfortable letting their dogs sleep with them, but when you have this cute little face beside you making sounds on the pillow - how can anyone in their right mind refuse?

Sophie is such a beautiful little girl that she makes getting out of bed hard to desire. Sometimes waking up from a beautiful dream can be a challenge, but waking up with this little girl beside you is like waking up in heaven.

She snuggles up right against you and makes 'breathing' noises that sometimes consist of chop-licking and clicking sounds. There are other times when a sound in another room (someone making noise that hasn't gone to bed with the pack yet) will set Sophie off in a roaring 'R'-sound. What monster wouldn't be afraid of being 'cuted' to death? This little girl isn't afraid to represent and protect her home - even if it means being cute more than any living thing can handle.

Usually the noises she makes when she's sleeping - it's caused by her illusions of chasing squirrels. If you just mention the word 'squirrel' to Sophie - whether you're near a window with a view outside the house or driving along the highway - she looks up and around the ceiling where she knows squirrels hang-out. She can't wait to catch herself a squirrel someday.

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