Friday, June 25, 2010

Doggy-door vantage-point squirrel-patrol

Ever since the doggy door was installed, Sophie has been on non-stop squirrel patrol. She keeps her body inside when the yum-yums are nearby and she doesn't want to miss an opportunity for either treats or the chance to chase squirrels into the neighbors' yards.

When the doggy door isn't in-place and it's been a while since Sophie's been out, she will shoot out the door and spin in a circle or two or three before bolting off to hunt squirrels. For the record, Sophie has never actually caught a squirrel; however, she loves how fast they run from her when she chases them. Her favorite time to play with the squirrels is when she sneaks up on them and catches their attention by surprise.

One aspect about Sophie that's really cute is she doesn't seem to know how to use her neck to look up because once the squirrels shoot up the trees; she loses them from her sight and she proceeds to run around the trunks and everywhere except for where the squirrels are. The caveat is that Sophie wears the largest, happiest smile in the world when it's happening and for a good while after it's all over...and anytime we say the word SQUIRREL!

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