Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Going On Here?

This fast animated sequence of images shows Sophie (aka: Cho-Cho, baby girl, etc.) on the left side of the screen jumping from the foreground where Papa was shooting pictures onto the wood deck in the background to search for squirrels in the backyard behind the hot tub. Meanwhile, Furbee comes forward to find out what Papa's shooting pictures of and when he realizes he's the only thing happening and there aren't any yum-yums - he goes back behind the hot tub to find out what Sophie's looking at. It's funny to watch our shih-tzus experience emotions of curiosity and jealousy because young children behave similarly and they are our children.

When these shih-tzus lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, the heat was so extreme they would cry because the asphalt would burn their little paws and they would walk around the neighborhood mostly in shaded areas where the sunlight was indirect and the heat was less extreme.; however, since moving to La Pine, Oregon, the shih-tzus have enjoyed the outdoors by going on hikes at La Pine State Park, enjoying the cool breeze along the Little Deschutes River, going bye-bye more often, spending time outside waiting to pounce on squirrels, and of course, hanging around Mama and Papa for yum-yums.

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