Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waiting for kitchen favors

The kids are familiar with what happens in the kitchen near the cutting board and the stove. Daughter's expectations are exuded in her body-language. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to believe that modern-day shih-tzu's have evolved and survived by using features perceived by their caregivers as worthy of perpetuating. Breeding creates opportunity for valued traits and characteristics to be carried-on to future generations of these lap-loving scavengers - so it's likely that past hosts of the shih-tzu breed also experienced this overwhelming wave, no, tsunami of cuteness and love. There is a saying that great things come in small packages and people who say that are usually jewelry salesmen, but the truth is that jewelry isn't anywhere near as cute or interactive as these smart little palace-protectors. This perspective from behind shows that unlike your stereotypical shih-tzu - it's okay to groom their hair short so that it's functional for them and easy to maintain. Lucky for Sophie, this means her underside is not as much of a floor-mop and harvester of filth.

After the kitchen episode, she follows the plates of food right to the bed - under your nose. Keep your vision focused onto your food because she may misinterpret food hanging over the edge of your plate for something that was offered to her at eye-level for her princess-highness' convenience. Sophie uses all the cute moves she has; the last being a vocal demand with two-step (both front paws dancing on the ground) 'intimidation'. The whole show any animal puts on can be defined in the word, survival. Shih-tzu's had to be cute to survive and that's why their breed has evolved and survived through today and what a beautiful blessing it is; like heaven on Earth. With this great power to have your life transformed comes mutual responsibility to unconditionally love, heal and protect these members of your family; that means informing yourself on finding the best solutions to congenital health problems, handling unexpected surprises while traveling in rural terrain, etc. Failing to plan is planning to fail so plan in advance to protect your pets.

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