Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do you see?! What do you see?!

Furbee & Sophie on look-out patrol. (Filename: P1020037.jpg)
Furbee (left) and Sophie (right) like to see what's going on outside the truck when they're going bye-bye. In this particular situation, they were waiting for mama to come out of an appointment.

Whether at home or waiting in the truck for their Mama, the shih-tzu's like to be asked, "What do you see?!", especially Sophie. When you ask the question, they look around as-if they're expecting you to scout interesting sights on their behalf. Of course, even better than just looking around - they like to walk around - exploring new places and things, but when it's cold out - they just look out from within the same confines of climate control as shown here.

Furbee's favorite thing to see is kittens while Sophie's favorites are squirrels, birdies and other small animals in-general. Furbee likes kitty's because he used to visit a kitty-friend's house where he would play with a cute kitten that would paw his face. Even dogs (like Furbee) can find other animals to be cute. When asked, "What do you see?" Sophie looks out windows to look for birdies or squirrels. When asked, "What do you smell" - she wiggles her nose to smell the air and usually, simultaneously shows her two teeth.

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