Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sleepover at Dixie and Sassy's!

Dixie (Left) and Sassy (Right)
[Filename: P1020990c.png]
Dixie and Sassy welcomed Furbee and Sophie into their home where they'll be sleeping-over for a couple weeks while Mama and Papa are away.

Dixie's demeanor is so loving that she rolls her head into your hand if you reach to feel the side of her furry face. If you're not sure whether it's okay to pet her because she's only 'just' met you - she will extend her paw in a 'come hither' kind of way that melts your heart once you reciprocate her attention.

Sassy defended her personal space when Furbee drew near to sniff himself into familiarity. Furbee, being a fertile male, was curious about the new perfume, but Sassy wasn't having it and she let Furbee know where his boundaries were.

Sophie has adjusted nicely - sitting at the feet of Dixie and Sassy's papa while he works on the computer, and sitting behind their mama to feed off her protective, motherly, feminine energy just as any good girl would do. The girls, Dixie and Sassy are adjusting to the new, temporary tenants; Furbee and Sophie, but they will all miss each other once the adventure comes to a head in a couple weeks. At least now the shih-tzus will have new friends to explore the Central Oregon territory with.

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