Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sophie's Morning Sunbathing Ritual

On bright sunny mornings, Sophie steps outside while everyone inside is still asleep, and she can take time for herself to meditate. No two sunny mornings are alike so if it's tolerable enough outside - Sophie will find a comfortable spot on the wood deck, rest her warm strips down, and watch. Sophie likes to see; because when she sees something she likes - her body-landuage changes to a playful tail-wagging posture. Her favorite sight to see is squirrels, but she also likes birdies and deer, too. When she's finished experiencing "me-time" meditation, she comes inside with warm fur, which - if you would wake up and pet her - you would feel. 
This is the only shih-tzu (between the two) that sunbathes every morning she can, during the daytime occasionally - as long as the climate is tolerable and she's well hydrated - like she's a plant! When she comes in from sun-bathing outside - her fur's as warm as if she had just fluffed herself up in the dryer. 
Animals are excellent indicators of our environment; if they're healthy and vibrant - we can take queues from their behavior and learn. In this lesson; Sophie is teaching us that an excellent source of Vitamin D (and other stuff, too, I'm sure - in moderation) is the Sun. Humans apparently aren't the only Sun worshipers; the ecosystem, plants and animals need it to survive, too. Without the "Sun" of God, all life on Earth as we know it - would die. Thank you for that lesson, Sophie. We love you, pretty girl. 

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