Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shuh-Tzus Stares

Many people who have children understand they (the shih-tzus) sleep and rise by the light of the Sun since they come from the land of the rising Sun; Tibet, China; palace guardians as they continue to be. While Sophie sunbathes on the wood deck, Furbee guards mama and papa.
On days when extra rest may be  available for you - shih-tzus' body-clocks know better. The photograph shown here shows Furbee's wide, unblinking, beedy-eyed gaze; the one you can expect to receive when you haven't provided breakfast or awaken from your warm, uninterrupted slumber. The key to understanding the shih-tzu way is to understand balance of energy.
The Sun so loves the Earth that it shines it's only begotten light on Furbee's dark-masked face. Feeling so loved that the light would shine on his humbly handsome face, he awaits to be loved and adorned with nutrient-rich supplements industrially manufactured by chemists and scientists for his mental and physical addiction. Furbee shivers his body when his gut tells him something is wrong; like mama not waking up when he feels she should be. Extensive experiments have not been conducted into determining whether shivers return throughout the day after receiving what he wants, but the odd behavior is cute sometimes; when it isn't because his fur's too short and his body feels too cold.
The shih-tzus have an unspoken code of love and food it seems. Dog training manuals readily expose the magician's secret to getting animals to obey; the very food they require for survival - in measured and well-balanced increments. Furbee & Sophie have the luxury of open-bowl-feeding, which means they have access to their food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that said, the beggars love to make their appearance while lunch is being prepared, vegetables are being cut, and the roast beef deli slices are being pulled out - spilling their meaty, scented aroma into the air - wafting by their little black button noses (or snouts, if you want to act snooty). The shih-tzus loyalty seems oddly attracted to the feminine energy until the masculine energy returns to the cave with yum-yums; including beef that's been roasted! Feel the dual stare (pictured).

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