Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Shih-tzu Wishlist

It isn't fair to Sophie that her Papa can shoot pictures of her and edit to entertain himself and the rest of the world by creating animations of Sophie mid-lick and yawn while nervously waiting for Mama's affirmation, but the genuine expressions were the ones caught while capturing daughter in her moment with Mr. Frisbee - and the catalyst for the idea that the shih-tzus need to have their own Wishlist (seen here: Furbee and Sophie's Shih-tzu Wishlist).
Other than Love Bear, a full-sized Care Bear with hearts on its chest is Furbee's Wishlist item, but since they're a rare fine, he's willing to try cuddling with an 8" version titled Care Bear Love a Lot Bear 8" Plush Stuffed Toy for as little as $7.
Sophie helps occupy the personal gap filled by a quality partnership. Furbee is one of Sophie's consistent life partners when her attention isn't occupied by Mr. Frisbee (a vinyl-type of plastic, pink-colored miniature frisbee disc that once had two eyes and a smile illustrating a traditional happy face. The disc was probably a gift traded in lieu of paper tokens won in fixed-to-lose game-houses) - pictured in this article, and "Ball-ie" - a small-sized tennis ball (not around at this time) torn into shreds, and the eyeballs of any menacing plush toy that doesn't blink at her.
If you're a fan, you feel your life has been enhanced by the existence of our companion creatures, in particular those shown here - feel free to let them know by sending them an Wishlist item. The first item on Sophie's list is a replacement for Mr. Frisbee, but since a pink frisbee with the traditional happy face is going to be a hard find - the next best thing was any frisbee that hasn't been chewed to chunks she may swallow; shih-tzus are as smart as you make them, but you still have to beware of what you allow them to ingest. One lone frisbee seems impossible to find, but Sophie's Mini Flying Saucer Assortment (6 dz) is $10.94 (shipping included), or for half the price - a 3-Pack of Squeaker Tennis Balls (Small Dog Toy) sells for $4.45.
Of course, as long as the shih-tzus have their Mama and Papa - that which matters more than anything money can buy - they are truly happy. With Sophie eyeballing squirrels in the yard, and Furbee playing Officer Herbert - using his sharp senses to detect danger or unexpected visitors - artificial entertainment only goes so far. There is no entertainment so precious as real love and that's what all living things want and need to experience - shih-tzu blogs aside. Non-shih-tzu parents can give back to the world by spreading their love to the next two living creatures that have the capacity to return your genuine affection.

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