Monday, December 17, 2012

Shih-tzus; the free computer keyboard warmers!

There is no doubt that Mr. Furball is a mama's boy - as seen in this photo.  Whether mama's listening to meditations or affirmations, Furbee just likes to touch and connect any way the space around him will allow. He really doesn't mind mama being on the computer as long as she can still reach him to give him physical, loving affection - she just can't expect to be comfortable enough to continue being on the computer uninterrupted and in-peace.
What is so important about a shot like this is that it teaches us that living being are more important than technological advances. A computer may entertain your attention for hours on-end, but no computer will ever genuinely create emotions built on the foundation of a loving and trusting relationship that these lap dogs do. Computers and chips don't come to you when you call them, they don't lick you with love salivating from their mouths, and computers won't feel nearly as soft as furry shih-tzus do when they're resting their little bodies on your body.
Of course, it's not healthy to use laptops directly on your lap and your pets should not rest their bodies so closely to the radiation-emitting devices; it's at this point that you're morally required to make a decision; continue on your sickness and headache-inducing computer under poor lighting, or shut it all off and give your babies (the shih-tzus) lots of love until they fall asleep; which would you prefer be done to you if you were them?

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