Friday, April 12, 2013

Furbee and Sophie Visit Strictly Organic Coffee Co. in Bend, Oregon

Furbee and Sophie took a ride with their papa to Strictly Organic Coffee Company in Bend, Oregon for a refreshing cup of rich, creamy, double-Espresso Joe with plenty of sugar for the first time ever today! The coffee shop located at 6 SW BOND ST roasts their vast varieties organic, environmentally-sustainable Fair Trade coffee on-site and serve it with an array of snacks and food options from their kitchen where pastries are also baked fresh daily, and meals are made-to-order.
The outdoor patio dining area is dog-friendly and is a great place to watch people from all walks of this beautiful life as they drive, walk and sometimes fly by. Seating was readily available here at Strictly Organic during our visit for coffee and banana bread both inside and outdoors. The crowd is calm and casual inside - thanks to the comfortable climate control, and outside we were entertained by an eclectic musical artist who also paints and sells her artwork.
Full of colorful character and feminine energy that would make RuPaul proud, multi-talented "Monica" serenades passers-by on the street-corner with her painted banjo - singing melodies of life and love by musical artists including, but not limited to John Denver among others. Monica's canine companion sat by her side - minding her own business as other dogs walked by and even joined-in to accompany Monica's singing vocals with a funny, cute and ear-filling howl! The outdoor dining area is absolutely perfect for those Spring and Summer mornings when organic coffee, maybe a soft piece of Strictly Organic's freshly-made banana bread, and fresh, breezy, naturally-oxygenated air are all you need to start your day with a furry friend or two. Furry friends Furbee and Sophie look forward to returning even if it's just to people- and dog-watch.
Strictly Organic also hosts various live musical artists throughout the week including Canaan Canaan, a young girl whose hybrid musical style combines Japanese lyrics with acoustic-accompanied American-English in an original style she refers-to as 'cuddle pop'. Other artists, according to their website include; "Rebecca Smith (contemporary harp), Joe Balsamo (Blues), Bobby Lindstrom (rock), Jumpin’ Joyce Respess (Folk Rock) and the Classic Jazz Duo (Dillon Schneider/John Allen)". Also, "a very popular and supportive Songwriters’ Open Mic, hosted by Hal Worcester takes place Thursdays 6-8 PM". This venue is obviously community and artist-oriented by providing artists a place to play for the public without charge (with exception to wares such as music cds, for example), and giving the community an added value to great service they already consistently receive here. This business is special because it adds value to the source its coffee is purchased from, but to the community where the coffee is distributed and consumed in, because it facilitates integration and growth of local Central Oregonian culture.
The shih-tzus did not want to leave this stop, but their papa loves them so he knows to bring them with him next time he comes to visit Strictly Organic in Bend to experience more of their great food, drinks and people at the most valuable cafe and interesting corner in Central Oregon!

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