Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jack Rebney Loves Shih-tzus!

Jack Rebney is a unique type of celebrity because he never intended to become famous, but an unauthorized video containing cut-takes of a Winnebago commercial he was shooting became viral before viral was a word used to describe infectious popularity. While the public fell in love with Jack's frustrated and vulgarly-expressed language in this video he was presenting for Winnebago dealers, the Winnebago company fired him as soon as they saw the cuts that one of the people making the video put together. It is the opinion of the author of this blog entry that the Winnebago company should instead of capitalized on Jack's popularity and if anyone was going to be fired - it should have been the person who put all the cuts together, made copies of if and distributed it to everyone they knew, because Jack's permission was never obtained to release the compilation of takes. Normally, the 'takes', 'cuts', or 'cut takes' as they're known - depending on whom you ask - are excluded from videos and the final version of the video Jack presented did not feature any of his vulgar frustrations. What does appear in the video, is a scene where Jack is showing viewers the storage space; he opens the door and behind the door of the storage compartment are two happy young girls and a cute black and white shih-tzu.
Years later, a film-maker decided to catch-up with Jack to see how he was doing and ultimately the film was released much to the public's satisfaction. The film helps people see that Jack is not really the angriest man in the world. Jack probably isn't even the angriest Winnebago sales-person because it's not every day frustrated salesmen are recorded on video for their flaws to be viewed by the public with a microscope.
Jack lives in Northern California - apparently alone, with the exception of his canine companion. Jack's eye-sight has deteriorated over time and with age, so he navigates his daily walk with his dog (not a shih-tzu breed) by holding-on to a rope that guides him away from and back to his home safely. Jack doesn't understand why so many people found his expressed anger in the old video to be entertaining, but he values the love and appreciation his fans express to him as long as they don't invade his personal space.  His sense of humor remains healthy and his wit is quick and as sharp as a razor-blade.
Request the DVD/film/movie title, "Winnebago Man" at your local public library and if they haven't purchased it yet - recommend it for purchase so you and your friends can watch the story of a man who ages gracefully and stays true to himself.

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