Monday, May 20, 2013

What a Bed Hog Looks Like

Most days, Furbee and Sophie's papa is awake after midnight because it's the quietest time of the day audibly and visually, but it's also the babies' opportunity to keep his side of the bed warm. In this picture, Sophie is laying on Papa's side of the bed, but she's doing a little more than keeping the bed warm - she's also extending her little body preventing Papa from being able to finally get into bed.
Sophie's favorite pillow is this pink pillow obtained from a not-for-profit organization that makes the pillows for the comfort of patients fighting cancer. The shih-tzus' Mama did not use chemotherapy or radiation as tools in her battle, but she did use the pink pillow as a tool to enhance Sophie's cuteness even when she's being a bed-hog in preventing Papa from having any space on the bed to sleep on. In short, shih-tzus will extend their little bodies across areas you need to put your own body for comfort and they will look and be cute every moment they're doing it.

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