Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shih-tzus without breakfast may eat burritos

On the way to an appointment this morning, a rare stop was made at Del Taco in Bend to try their breakfast burrito. Upon arrival to our appointment; however, the burrito hadn't been finished; it had been wrapped into a ball shape to be finished by one of the humans later. Of course, events do not always occur as planned and upon return from the appointment, the shih-tzus were dancing all over the half-eaten fast-food - inside the vehicle.

The shih-tzus Del Taco Breakfast Burrito leftovers had been transferred from the center-console to the passenger-seat in direct sunlight where Sophie figured-out how to re-heat the meal or at least to keep the leftover warm upon our return in case anyone was still interested in finishing what she didn't of the meal.

Sophie works for Furbee (aka: "Mr. Furball") so she tried leaving Furbee things he normally likes to eat including tomatoes, tortillas and eggs. There was bacon in the breakfast burrito, but not in the leftovers so they may have shared that portion of this particular meal. Furbee also happens to love bacon, but they're both limited in how much processed food is shared with them because the effects on their physical health have the potential to cause exponential harm to their little bodies. The truth is they shouldn't eat anything with hot salsa in it and this burrito had too much of it for a human to finish before their appointment so the shih-tzus were fortunate to avoid suffering negative physical health consequences.
One effect that was learned from this shih-tzu junk-food-binge is that if your shih-tzu eats any portion of your salty breakfast burrito - they're probably going to need to drink some fresh, ice cold water to wash the (figuratively-speaking) puppy down their little intestinal tract. The next time you have an important appointment that involves leaving your hungry canine friend near food you intend to eat later-on; do yourself a favor by putting it somewhere safe - somewhere teeth, paws and claws cannot breech in a moment of hasty survival appetite.

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