Monday, June 23, 2014

Sophie's Lip Heals!

It's a miracle, Neem Oil has healed Sophie's lip inflammation back to normal - restoring her skin pigmentation, too! Applied 2 to 3 times daily, the Organic Neem Oil used was originally intended as a natural and safe foliage treatment for the indoor/outdoor gardens. In addition, as the Winter weather disappeared - so did Sophie's stress over the falling roof snow disappear. Her appetite improved under some circumstances, but life isn't perfect; however, she isn't fazed much - she's more interested in what is or is not happening right now.
Dogs are excellent communicators that use their eyes and ears to speak to us. In this picture, Sophie's chin (Nickname/aka: "Chin Rester") rests on a roll of toilet paper. The paper roll is in front of a computer that is distracting Mama's attention from Sophie so she places herself between Mama and the  paper roll. Sophie is so smart; she displays the patience of a hunter.
Enjoy this picture of our beautiful, naturally-smokey-eyed, shih-tzu daughter, Sophie Garcia, being cute on the bed.

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