Monday, March 31, 2014

Potentially Cancerous Growth on Canine Lip Identified and Treated

The potentially cancerous growth on Sophie's lip has been identified as ugly, but not unnatural based on the small amount of food she's been eating and the amount of household stress from new visitors and weather she's experienced. Snow falling off the roof and thunder make her shiver and hide in the bathrub sometimes. A violent, bloody biopsy was not performed on Sophie because I wouldn't do that for myself; a simple web search with graphic photos was helpful enough to identify homeopathic solutions for treating potentially cancerous or warty skin growths on dogs, and per chance I could be wrong - I consulted the veterinary clinic in Sunriver and learned that Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and something else that I forgot, but may have been hydrogen peroxide.

Research showed that Sophie's condition may have been contributed-to by stress and poor diet, but also poor hygiene. Before this picture was taken, Sophie's facial and body hair were significantly longer. She was shaved with a very short hair-trimming clip attachment (1/4", or 0.25 inches), followed by a nice shampoo-shower which  conserves more water than a bath might.

Various methods of treatment were applied to reduce the swelling and source of Sophie's facial discomfort, including; baking soda and water paste, followed by Castor Oil, and another natural homemade oil extract being researched for its cancer-fighting capabilities in not only humans, but in pets  including small dogs as well. A wise quote says something like, "If you cannot help - do not harm." Although Hydrogen Peroxide was used, it should not have been because it appeared to damage some beneficial flesh, but not quite beyond repair. Garlic and olive oil were experimented-with since they helped Sophie's mama's mastectomy infection heal overnight. Sophie is a fan of natural medicine, has never been surgically invaded, and is willing to eat other animals that once lived in order for herself to thrive.

The day Sophie is cured of her condition, the world will be made known and she will be a mascot for herself. As of lately, the growth appears to have stopped growing and reduced in size!

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